Wednesday, September 7, 2011

it's been awhile...

Hi Everyone!
Sorry it's been so long since my last post - things have been so busy around here with workshops and the general running of things and I must confess that we've been bitten by the Facebook bug!  Yep, Little Red's now has a Facebook page and I have found it to be a fantastic way of keeping in touch with customers, friends and other crafters.  So we'll be a more regular presence on Facebook than on the blog from now on but I promise to touch base here as often as possible!  So if you're on Facebook, please drop by our page to check out our pics and posts and don't forget to say 'hi!'

Here's the link to our Facebook page:

Friday, July 1, 2011

school holiday workshops - winter 2011

it's a bit of a late post but here are our workshops for this coming school holidays...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

girls' pinny

we had a fab time at out girls' pinny class last weekend - it was Melanie's first time at running a workshop and she did a fantastic job.  Everyone chose their own combination of fabrics and their personal taste shone though with some pretty spectacular results!

chatting in our cosy sewing room


vinatge kitties

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

vintage haby stash

everybody loves a nice surprise and I was thrilled to receive a vintage haby stash from a lovely friend over the weekend.  On cleaning out old and unused belongings, my friend and her grandmother came across boxes of old tapestries, crewel wool, crochet cotton, embroidery silks and a miscellany of other haby-related things.  And they were nice enough to pass it on to me!  Not only was it super nice to have someone pass on their beloved stash, but since a large majority of my family's history was wiped out by the Black Saturday fires along with my nan's home (and those of around 2,000 other people), it also fills a 'yearning' I have had for items pre-loved and old.  It's so nice to be thought of, especially when there's a special meaning in the details :)
time to take up tapestry...or crochet lots of pretty flowers

silk embroidery threads

corsage, anyone?

a selection of DMC threads

a knitting success!

our first World Wide Knit in Public Day went off without a hitch - phew!  We had around 20 people join us for morning tea and had a great time knitting and chatting the day away.  By the end of the day we had enough squares to knit three blankets, so added to those received prior to Saturday and those received since, means we have enough squares to knit 7 blankets!  As well as knitting, we had a special visit from Marion Wheatland of Spinning a Yarn who gave a lovely spinning demonstration (and I can tell you that my interest in learning to spin is only getting stronger after seeing her samoyed yarn - yep, you can make socks from puppies too!)
We've had lots of enquiries from people asking if they can still drop squares to us and the answer is 'yes please!'  As long as you knit them, we'll take them and forward them to Save the Children.
A huge 'thank you' goes out to everyone who got involved :)
...and please keep on knitting!

click clack!

Marion at work

young and old got involved

the pile of squares started off like this...

and got bigger...

and bigger...


Thursday, June 9, 2011

in the news

yep, we've made it into the paper - well, the local paper anyhow!  The Ranges Trader News is helping us spread the word about our fab World Wide Knit in Public Day coming up this Saturday and you can read it here.

We've had a great response so far from the local community and have received donations of wool, magazines, knitted squares and approximately one thousand knitted rectangles which will be sewn into mittens (proceeds going to Save the Children) and more blankets.

If you're in the hills this Saturday, please drop in, have a cuppa and get knitting for needy kids!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

world wide knit in public day

hello folks!  Oh boy am I getting excited about the latest event at Little Red's - on Saturday June 11 we will be taking part in our first World Wide Knit in Public Day! 
(Say it with me... Yay for Yarn!!!)
And not only that, it just so happens Australian Country Spinners (the good people that bring us Cleckheaton, Patons, Panda and Shepherd yarns) have teamed up with
Save the Children to create Born to Knit - an initiative which encourages people to knit blankets for underprivileged kids across Australia and overseas.  So guess what we'll be doing on World Wide Knit in Public Day?  That's right, we'll be knitting squares to turn into blankets!  And to make it that bit more tempting we're even putting on morning tea and offering discounts on wool purchases and pre-orders! 
We'll also have displays from local wool crafters and we'll be selling loads of second hand magazines for $1 each, proceeds going directly to Save the Children.
To help the day run smoothly, we need at least 16 willing participants to knit a square each which will be sewn into a blanket, however we are hoping that we will have 160 squares to sew into 10 blankets so if knitting is your thing, come along and join us!
To secure your spot, call us on 9752 1114 and for $9.95 you'll get a Born to Knit kit, morning tea and have a great time!
Each Born to Knit kit includes a ball of wool, 4mm bamboo needles, wool needle, information booklet and a sheet of stickers - and $1 from each pack sold goes directly to Save the Children.
Alternatively, we'd love people to get knitting at home and drop in their squares to us on or before June 11.  Squares can be in any colour, stitch and pattern you like, just make sure they measure 20cm x 20cm.  In knitting terms, a stitch gauge of 44 stitches by 60 rows using Cleckheaton Country and other similar 8 ply yarns with 4mm needle.

For more information, call us or drop in - and get knitting!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

keep calm and...**YOUR CATCHPHRASE HERE**

check out this great image generator created by some crafty folk in the UK - Keep Calm-o-matic. It's so much fun to create your own take on the wartime poster and I stayed up a little late last night doing just that...

Monday, May 2, 2011

term 2 is here...

and so is our latest workshop timetable!  There are some oldies and some exciting new workshops for adults and kids so be sure to check them out!

Friday, April 22, 2011

kids' easter softies

look at these lovely little easter buddies made at the workshop last week.  Can you believe some of the girls were as young as 7 years old?  Lovely work, ladies!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

toadstool house

isn't this the cutest li'l house you ever did see?  We had a great time yesterday in the Toadstool House workshop and once again the kids astounded me with their creativity!  After making the basic toadstool shape, they were let loose on the embellishments and the results were...whimsical!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


here's a little somethin' I've been working on of late - hair accessories using felt, leather and up-cycled fabrics.  As we're in the throes of Autumn now, I thought the tweed especially would be seasonal...ok, so that's just a convenient excuse to use some funky tweed!  tee hee :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

new fabrics April 2011

just a quick stop tonight to show you some beautiful new fabrics which arrived today...
the Birds of Norway are back!  This was the first fabric that sold out, must be those lovely  bright colours

this is going to make some lovely pinnafores!
Michael Miller's latest tasty design

now for something a little more 'grown-up'...I'm thinking a-line skirt and a big pair of boots

blossoms in red and black

coming to an apron near you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

easter softies

here's a sneak peak at what we'll be doing in the 'easter softie' workshop this holidays. 
'Where's the Easter Bunny?!' I hear you ask...of course we can't have an Easter workshop without him, he just hasn't been designed yet!  But rest assured he'll be ready in time :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

woolly warmers

brrr, the autumn chill is certainly upon us here in the hills!  Luckily, Little Red's has just received a load more wool and I for one am crocheting like crazy!  As I've only recently acquired the ability to crochet (you could say I'm at 'square 1'...hee hee), there's loads of granny squares floating around the shop (and at home) all set to be made into different things - a blankie for B5, a blankie for G3, a shawl/throw for my mother-in-law, a scarf for me...the list goes on...and on :)  However, Kirsten from Minerva's Garden is getting prepped to introduce us to some new techniques in the 'crochet beanie' workshop starting 25th May and I'm looking forward to starting a new project.
We've also been tossing around the idea of doing a monthly crochet meet where Kirsten will guide us through a new granny square each time and be on hand to give helpful advice on all your crochet-queries.  What do you think?  It will probably be held on a Wednesday arvo and we would love to hear your feedback! 
Here are some pics of our current range of wool and there's more due in mid-April -

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

button blush

what crafty people we have around here!  The clever Carolyn from Button Blush (a business located in Ferny Creek) brought in these gorgeous buttons last week and I just had to share them with you.  There are fabric covered buttons for clothing, button hairties, button hairpins - and lots more button-y things!  Check out the pics below and be sure to check back as we'll have lots more variety in stock soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

school holiday workshops

well folks, it may seem as though the kids have just gone back to school but we're already in preparation mode for the next instalment of school holidays!  To make your lives a little more crafty and a little less filled with phrases such as 'I'm BORED' and 'Where are we going today???', we have arranged a whole lotta workshops for kids!

new fabrics March 2011

check out these gorgeous new fabrics that have just arrived!

the funkiest retro fabric we've seen in ages! 
from a range called My Folklore, a sweet gypsy pattern which would look beautiful in girl's dress

this pattern is so soft and sweet - and it has toadstools too!

another fabric from the My Folklore range, this would look equally amazing as a smart shirt dress or a long skirt combined with flowing layers of black and red scarves accessories - eccentric old lady style!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

simple softies project 1

wow, what a fun day!  Today was the third session of our 'simple softies' workshop and the girls couldn't wait to show off their first completed project - Pandy the panda.  After choosing their own colours and working really hard on their hand stitching techniques, the results speak for themselves.  I'm really proud of their hard work and can see a few are destined to be craftaholics!

pretty in pinks

this little guy has been named Pumpkin

note the bite out of Zander the Zombie Panda's left ear

Monday, February 28, 2011

the first square

I may have failed to mention in my earlier post that I am but a humble student in the beginners' crochet class...not a tutor nor an assistant but a complete amateur student! Now that it's out in the open, I can share my first granny square with you :)

now to decide if it will be part of a bag or a scarf...