Thursday, February 24, 2011

beginners' crochet

The lovely Kirsten of Minerva's Garden hosted our first beginners' crochet workshop last night and it was a hoot! Thanks to her great 'hands on' teaching style, everyone picked up the methods quickly. The ladies all got to choose their own yarn colour combinations out of which they will be making either a scarf or tote bag to proudly display this Autumn!

the workshop in full swing

the beginnings of a granny square

nimble fingers and maintaining tension on the yarn - harder than it looks!


  1. I don't remember you taking photos LOL.

  2. Hello, I found your little shop the other day and came in chatting about ric-rac for the notice board! I am glad to have found you have a blog and have been so excited about your store - telling my friends from where I used to live.

    I can see my only friend I know up here in this picture - Lynne. How funny!!!

    I am so excited to do the crochet course, so please let me know when one comes up!

    Rachael - Squiggly Rainbow x

  3. Kirsten - that's because you were too busy being an awesome tutor!
    Squiggly - thanks for dropping by! That is funny that you know Lynne - she's the one we turn to for help when the tutor is busy!