Saturday, February 19, 2011

first pics

I was lucky enough to receive an iPhone the other day and although I am no expert (unlike my 5yr old who has already figured out how to check the weather forecast and read messages!), I have figured out how to use the camera...okay, so my 5yo taught me that too!  Are they born with tech-savviness these days or what?!  Anyhoo, now I can get some pics up of the lovely fabrics we currently have in stock!  We had a very busy morning teaching a kids' softie class but I managed to get a few snaps...

you gotta love a retro Michael Miller print!

retro, woodland and spots in 'spice' colours

I love this fabric so much that I can't decide what to make from it - an apron? a skirt? or maybe a set of cafe curtains!?

another Michael Miller beauty in mauves, blues and greens
  p.s all the fabrics shown are available instore or you can call/email an order through.

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