Saturday, May 21, 2011

world wide knit in public day

hello folks!  Oh boy am I getting excited about the latest event at Little Red's - on Saturday June 11 we will be taking part in our first World Wide Knit in Public Day! 
(Say it with me... Yay for Yarn!!!)
And not only that, it just so happens Australian Country Spinners (the good people that bring us Cleckheaton, Patons, Panda and Shepherd yarns) have teamed up with
Save the Children to create Born to Knit - an initiative which encourages people to knit blankets for underprivileged kids across Australia and overseas.  So guess what we'll be doing on World Wide Knit in Public Day?  That's right, we'll be knitting squares to turn into blankets!  And to make it that bit more tempting we're even putting on morning tea and offering discounts on wool purchases and pre-orders! 
We'll also have displays from local wool crafters and we'll be selling loads of second hand magazines for $1 each, proceeds going directly to Save the Children.
To help the day run smoothly, we need at least 16 willing participants to knit a square each which will be sewn into a blanket, however we are hoping that we will have 160 squares to sew into 10 blankets so if knitting is your thing, come along and join us!
To secure your spot, call us on 9752 1114 and for $9.95 you'll get a Born to Knit kit, morning tea and have a great time!
Each Born to Knit kit includes a ball of wool, 4mm bamboo needles, wool needle, information booklet and a sheet of stickers - and $1 from each pack sold goes directly to Save the Children.
Alternatively, we'd love people to get knitting at home and drop in their squares to us on or before June 11.  Squares can be in any colour, stitch and pattern you like, just make sure they measure 20cm x 20cm.  In knitting terms, a stitch gauge of 44 stitches by 60 rows using Cleckheaton Country and other similar 8 ply yarns with 4mm needle.

For more information, call us or drop in - and get knitting!

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  1. Ohhh... Kate... Can I crochet a few squares for you?? I'd love to contribute to the blankets :-D Let me know if you think it would work in.
    Kirsten Yarra
    (Minerva's Garden)