Tuesday, June 14, 2011

vintage haby stash

everybody loves a nice surprise and I was thrilled to receive a vintage haby stash from a lovely friend over the weekend.  On cleaning out old and unused belongings, my friend and her grandmother came across boxes of old tapestries, crewel wool, crochet cotton, embroidery silks and a miscellany of other haby-related things.  And they were nice enough to pass it on to me!  Not only was it super nice to have someone pass on their beloved stash, but since a large majority of my family's history was wiped out by the Black Saturday fires along with my nan's home (and those of around 2,000 other people), it also fills a 'yearning' I have had for items pre-loved and old.  It's so nice to be thought of, especially when there's a special meaning in the details :)
time to take up tapestry...or crochet lots of pretty flowers

silk embroidery threads

corsage, anyone?

a selection of DMC threads

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