Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wool Week Beanie Competition

If you've been wanting to show off your crochet or knitting skills or maybe you've been to try out a funky new pattern, here's your chance!  To celebrate Wool Week in April, we're running a beanie competition and we want you to enter!  You can knit, crochet, finger knit or use any other process - as long as you use wool.  We want to see what new, fancy & unusual creations people can come up with.  Entry is free so have a go!


  1. Hi, what a wonderful way to celebrate wool and the coming of Autumn. Just wondering when you need to have them by to be included in the competition?

  2. Hi there!
    Entries for the beanie competition close Thursday 26th April at 5pm. I can't wait to see your entry!