Sunday, April 29, 2012

and the winner is...

A huge THANK YOU to all who entered the beanie comp!  It was ace to see all your creative works and a pleasure to be able to show them off on this blog :)
There were three categories and the winner of each will receive a $50 Gift Voucher to Little Red's, so without further ado...

after getting all our customers to vote for their favourite beanie, 'Peoples' Choice' goes to... 
Feathers & Flowers by Linda!!!

Congratulations Linda!  Your use of colour, texture and outlandish style won over the greatest crowd!

'Most Creative' award goes to Melissa for this stripey little guy:

Congratulations Melissa!
'Most Autumnal' award goes to Esme Rudy for this sweet entry:
Congratulations!  Your autumn leaves look splendid in the mixed colour yarn :)

Your Gift Vouchers will be ready for you on Tuesday - message me if you'd like your sent out rather than picking it up.
To all those who didn't win, rest assured that your entries were all absolutely ace and they ALL received votes from customers!  I hope you all continue creating your wonderful beanies and look forward to even more entries next time x
P.S. Just so you know - Little Red's remained impartial during the voting process of Peoples' Choice and Most Creative - I did however select Most Autumnal :)


  1. How exciting that I won. Thanks for running such a great competition to celebrate wool week. Love all the other entries.

  2. Hi! Congratulations on winning, drop in to collect your gift voucher when you get the time or I can post it out :)