Thursday, May 31, 2012

retro WOW shopping

you may have heard of Modcloth.  You may have visited their site.  You may have browsed and drooled, drooled and browsed some more. And you may have ordered through them. If you haven't done any or all of these things, you surely will be at the very least, thinking about it by the end of this post.  Modcloth ROCKS.  Their ever changing range of retro and vintage inspired clothes and accessories is to be admired - there are styles and colours for everyone of every body type.  That's why I like it so much - my pear to hourglass figure, or as I like to call it 'Marilyn-esque', has a hard time fitting into anything designed for those under 60 but at Modcloth, I can find clothes to cover the lumps and flaunt the bumps just as nature the 1950's :)  Enough chatter.  Check out these lurvely items:
I bought this one for less than $50.  Can't wait til it arrives!

a perfect dress for baking brownies!

pair these brave and wear them with a vintage bathing suit, head scarf and cat-eye sunnies.  I don't think I'm brave enough yet but you'd look gorgeous!
this is just so darn pretty.  If you've got chestnut curls and long legs, you should totally get this dress :)  (and it's only $50!)
I'm still into chevrons - these shoes would kill my toes but they're so pretty to look at!                        

There is so much more to Modcloth than just dresses and shoes - check it out, I implore you!  And let me know if you buy something, maybe we could do a swappy-share thing ;)

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