Friday, June 15, 2012

school holiday workshops

It's nearly that time of year again folks!  School holidays are nearly upon us and we've prepared a whole bunch of fun workshops to keep the kids occupied (and outta your hair!).  There are some old favourites like 'make-a-monster' and 'pencil toppers' and some new exciting workshops including the very funky 'scrapplique tote' and the much anticipated 'crochet' where everyone will make their own woolly mits!  Remember that places fill super fast so book now to avoid disappointment :D

Monday, June 11, 2012

waste not (wool), want not (wool)

Hello folks!  How's your long weekend going?  Did you do anything to celebrate the Queen's Birthday?  How about Her Jubilee?  We have enjoyed a pretty laid back Public Holiday Monday and soaked up the glorious winter sunshine with a trip to Sassafras :D We visited the wool store (ssh, don't tell!) had brunch, cake & coffee at Ripe followed by browsing antiques in Mount Dandenong.  The kids made some pretty great purchases, in my opinion - LittleRedBear chose a vintage Enid Blyton book & LittleRedBerry chose a Wade Whimsy kitty - they are totally my kids!  

When we got home we toasted the Queen with a cup of Earl Grey and scones with strawberry jam & cream.  It was during this afternoon tea that it hit me - the urge to sort through the wool stash...aaaaaaaaaargh!
Well it turned out pretty well and now that I've moved the books into a bookshelf (go figure?!), I have this lovely cabinet full o'wool!  Okay, it's not 'full' yet...guess I'll have to keep adding to it :D

Anyhoo, it was during this momentous move, that I discovered just how much 'scrap' wool I seem to keep.  You know those little bits you have left over after a project?  Or the bits that you've crocheted then un-crocheted, knitted then un-knitted?  Lengths that weren't quite lengthy enough and so were substituted with a longer length?  Those kinda bits :)  Well, it got me thinking about ideas for scraps.  My initial thought was POM POMS.  Everyone loves pom poms!  And it just so happens that school holidays are coming up so we'll be doing a pom pom workshop FOR SURE!  
Another great use of scraps is to make Granny Jars.  I made heaps of these last year as they are super simple & quick and they can be as random or stylized as you like.  
Itty bitty appliques are another great way to use up scrappy lengths - try these picot flowers & hearts.  
Or how about some stripes?!  The great thing about stripes is you don't even need enough wool for a whole row - you can use up everything in your stash by tying it all together!  Just tell everyone you designed the wool yourself ;)  These little bunnies would make super sweet stripey pals!
And if you've got the scrappiest of scraps that seem to be too short to be useful, chop them even smaller and use them to fill softies & amigurumi.  
Waste not wool, want not wool!