Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cute Tute: Storybook Button Badges

At our first Happily Ever Crafters workshop of Term 3, we had such an ace time getting all messy with Mod Podge that I couldn't wait to write up this tutorial for Storybook Button Badges!  It's the first of many of my new Cute Tutes, promise x

You'll need*:
pen or pencil
Adorn-It Wooden Buttons
storybooks - we used vintage Little Golden Books as I love the illustrations and nostalgic feel - but don't go cutting up your valuable vintage storybooks! I only cut up shabby books that I feel can be given a new and better life in a brand new form :)
Mod Podge (we used Matte but you can use Gloss or Sparkle too)
paint brush
wool needle
sparkly bits and bobs eg. sequins, rhinestones, glitter
very fine sand paper
tacky craft glue or any super strong bonding goo
brooch back

*needless to say, Little Red's sells most of this stuff :)

Step 1
Choose your image/images from your storybook(s).  Trace around your button onto the image and cut it out very carefully.  It looks best if the entire surface of the button is covered so even if you are going to layer your cut-outs in a decoupage-y kind of way, starting with an image 'cut to size' is a great base.  See those teensy black dots on the yoke of Cinderella's dress?  That's where the button holes will be and it's a good idea to mark them to help line up your image.

Step 2
Coat the button surface with a generous layer of Mod Podge...

...then lining up the button hole marks with the button holes, position your image on top and smooth it out.  Now use your wool needle to poke holes through the image where the buttons holes are.  Holding your needle in one of the holes to keep your button steady, apply a coat of Mod Podge and leave to dry.

Step 3
apply another coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Step 4
Now is the time to embellish your button!  I like to bring out the colours of the image by using sparkly things in similar colours.  Use Mod Podge or craft glue to attach your sparkly things and leave to dry.

Step 5
Put a little splodge of craft glue on the back of the button and stick on the brooch back then use your thread and wool needle to sew the brooch back to the button.  I used silver thread to add extra sparkle.

Step 6
Once dry, give the edges a light sanding with sand paper and...

ta-dah!  It's a lovely storybook button badge for you or the little character in your life!

Of course you can use any type of image to make these button badges, I just luuurve storybooks!  I have a funky idea in mind for the boys and will post some pics when theyr'e complete.
Have fun Mod Podge-ing and stay tuned for the next chapter!