Sunday, July 8, 2012

a quick catch up

It's already July and boy is it COLD around here!  We had ice on the windscreen yesterday morning and a beautiful frosty garden... which kind of makes up for the bitter chill on the toes when we have to take the pups outside at 4am :)  Ooh, did I say 'pups'?  We got two pups the other day!  So that's where we'll start this quick, visual catch up...

we got two puppies...

meet Snow White (left) & Heidi (right).  They're sleeping.  They do that a lot.

The sister puppies love to snuggle on my lap...
                                            ...which makes multi-tasking a little tricky

I knitted...           
 a knitting success! one of many projects on the go but the only one finished as yet.
and the Berry likes it!

we baked...
Berry & I baked this chocolate cake and resisted the urge to try a slice just long enough to drench it in ganache and chocolate flakes!  It was the best chocolate cake ever.  Trust me :)  

we workshopped...
Our school holiday workshops are well underway!

We're also super busy trying to finalise Term 3 Workshops and I promise they'll be out super-soon!  
That's a little look at what I've been up to this last couple of weeks so if I haven't returned your call, forgot to buy the milk or looked half asleep as I dragged myself to the shop with my morning coffee, now you know why!!!   

Catch you soon Crafters xxxx

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  1. Puppies! Squeel! They are adorable! More pix, please:)