Wednesday, October 10, 2012

mag mad

It's been awhile since my last post as things have been hectic with renovations, workshops and dreaded lurgies... but I'm back...
So it seems that along with pretty fabrics, yarn, storybooks, vintage crockery and baking books, I have a new obsession - magazines!  There are so many great mags out there but I do limit myself to just a few of my faves (promise!) - and as I have a new supplier who flies them in direct from the UK, I get to share the mags with you, my lovely Crafters, just after they are published (instead of three months later which is the norm for newsagencies etc).  Here are the latest arrivals, fresh from the box today:

Mollie Makes Issue 19

By jeepers, I love this magazine!  I know I go on about it A LOT but it really is fab - so full of inspiration, new makes, patterns and just pretty things!  And this issue comes with some sweet retro postcards on the front...inside it says that there are a pair of cute scissors attached but...maybe they weren't allowed on the plane :/  It just so happens that Mollie Makes has a new Christmas book out too and I'll keep you posted on its arrival :)

Simply Crochet Winter 2012
Simply Crochet Winter cover
Being in the southern hemisphere means that we are often sweltering through a dry, hot summer when the UK release their lovely mags full of cozy crochet patterns HOWEVER there's no reason you can't get started for winter well in advance!  And of course, UK Winter mags contain lots of Christmassy things too!  I sense a Christmas crochet workshop coming up soon... ;)

Handmade Christmas
Handmade Christmas
This mag is sooo new that this is the only image available - yup :)  But believe me, it's full of beautiful festive makes from knitting to stitching and gluing and everything in between!  Definitely a go-to crafty reference for this and future Christmases!

Needless to say, all these are available in store now and online from tomorrow over at our new and lovely website.   

Happy Reading xxxxxxxxxxxx

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