Thursday, February 14, 2013

announcement time!

okay Crafters, it's time for the BIG REVEAL!  As Facebook followers will be aware, Little Red's Craft Cupboard retail shop has recently been sold to a new owner as I am having a baby (yay!)... The baby is a fair way off yet - just call me organized :)

So here it goes... the new owner is... the wonderful... the talented... 
Jodie from The Haby Goddess
Jodie has been running her very successful online business for the last few years and has decided to venture into bricks and mortar - and I believe the timing couldn't be better!  So from 8th March 2013, the sweet little shop you know as Little Red's Craft Cupboard will be called The Haby Goddess and Jodie will be your new haby, sewing, crafty super-gal!  I am so excited.  You know when you feel that you've done the right thing?  I feel that way and it feels good :)  
I just know that Jodie will make the shop into something beautiful and I hope all my lovely customers will make her feel very welcome in her new premises.  
All that being said, I'm not going too far away!  Little Red's Craft Cupboard will still operate online (although there will be a little vacation over the next few months) and the blog will still operate as will the Facebook page.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who've been so supportive over the last two and a half years through your kind words, your help and your friendship and of course, your purchases!  (And to those who thought it couldn't be done...**raspberries**!)
Thanks everyone and best of luck to Jodie xxxxxxxxxxx