Monday, April 22, 2013

clamshell baby blankie

In an uber productive state of searching through new patterns on Ravelry (wink, wink), I came across this beautiful pattern for a clamshell blanket from Cherry Heart.  I was instantly in love.  Although I already have a chevron blanket for Bubs on the go, now that I know we are having a little girl, I really want to crochet a blanket in soft, earthy, girly colours - you know, beige, rose, dusky blues etc.  This pattern is the one.  I'm starting out small, making this the right sort of size to pop over Bubs in the car seat or pram as opposed to making a blanket for the cot - small expectations are much easier for me to cope with!  I started on this pattern yesterday and might I say, I consider myself pretty nifty at crochet, rather apt at mathematics and have an unhealthy dose of OCD to boot so I thought I'd have this pattern by the proverbial.  But alas!  It had me!  There are a couple of parts in the pattern which I found a really tricky, bits that just didn't add up, but until I have a grasp on the problem (is it the pattern? is it the way it's written? or is it me?), I will keep those quandaries to myself.
Here's where I'm at for the moment - 

I'm using a range of wool from Heirloom (tags removed so I don't know exactly what they are!) and some other wool from the stash (there's still a row of pale blue to go).  But this is prone to change as I may rip it all out and start again with a fresh head!
Anyhow, I think the pattern itself is just beautiful and it is very lovely of Cherry Heart to offer it up for free.  I intend to soldier on with it and hope to post a completed version soon!

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