Monday, May 13, 2013

clamshell baby blankie part 2

Finally, after three failed attempts, my little clamshell baby blankie is complete!

The colour scheme changed a little from the original after I discovered that the pale green and dusky rose in my original blanket were out of production and unavailable anywhere.  That'll learn me for starting a project before checking the stash!
So this one is a little brighter than I had planned but as it's so small - the perfect size for a bassinet or stroller - I don't think there is too much brightness overall.
I must say that after my earlier rambling about this pattern where I expressed my doubts about it, I did eventually figure it out and can confirm that the problem with the pattern was, in fact, me.  So not a problem with the pattern at all :)  However I do have to say that the pics in the tutorial are a little squiffily placed and I do find myself going up and down the page to join the words with the correct pictures.  But that's a small price to pay for this super beautiful pattern and I do recommend you try it.  I'm already missing the sense of completion that comes with finishing three rows to form each sequence of clamshells and am looking forward to starting another clamshell project.  
Now I can't wait to snuggle our new little bubs in her first woolly blankie!

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