Friday, June 21, 2013

rebel rebel

I'm breaking all the rules today.  As adults, we don't tend to have many 'rules' per se, more so we tend to have values and responsibilities, so it feels a bit naughty to say that I'm breaking the rules!

Here's a list of the rules I've broken so far today...

- Don't use the door which joins the kinder to the school.  It is for STAFF 
  ONLY.  (It was too cold to go around the long way!)
- Eat a healthy breakfast (McDonald's was on the way)
- Don't eat chocolate until after dinner 
  (but it goes so well with a cup of earl grey)
- Don't spend any money on craft unless it has a definite, 
  unambiguous purpose (yeah, right!)
- Don't shop at Spotlight (guilty as charged)

By far, the most fun I had was breaking the last two rules :)  I haven't been to Spotlight for ages as it's so big and bright and impersonal and I much prefer to shop at my local craft shops however I have a yearning for a new needlepoint and it was the only place I could think of to try.  Alas, they had not what I wanted :(  So I made up for it with these little purchases...

Panda 8 ply Crepe, just in case I need some colours to compliment the Heirloom Easy Care I purchased recently

A sweet little ducky canvas at LittleMissRed's request for a new tapestry

I love the colours and vintage/feedsack-look of this fabric

These are sold as fat quarters and I'm not convinced any of them really work together but I loved the grey one so much (top left) that I bought 3...

A bunch of pretty DMC threads because... they're pretty :)

This print is very Michael Miller-esque and reminds me a little of the illustrations by Corinne Malvern

Now I'm off to decide what I can make with the new goodies!

Happy Friday Crafters x

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