Saturday, October 12, 2013

cute tute: crochet sparkly bow

Add some glitz to your garb this festive season with a crocheted sparkly bow! Worked with two types of yarn, it's quick and easy, and can be turned into a variety of accessories, making it an ideal gift!

you'll need:
yarn (any 8 ply will do)
metallic yarn (I used Twilley's Goldfingering but you can use any thin metallic yarn or embroidery floss)
4mm crochet hook

- this bow is worked with both yarns so make sure to work both with every stitch.
- the 'ch1' do not count as stitches

Let's go!

Foundation: ch 15

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook and in each ch to end (14sts)

Rows 2-5: *ch1, turn, sc in each st to end (14sts)*.  Repeat from * to * 3 more times, fasten off.  You should now have a sparkly rectangle which looks something like this

Border: using only the metallic yarn, insert hook beneath the last sc you made, right about here...

In the same space, make 3 sc then 1 sc in the end of each row.  As you have crocheted back and forth to create the rectangle, the 'end' of each row is a bit tricky to establish so I place the stitches in the spaces closest to the end, like this...

Now do 3sc in the first foundation ch, which is this stitch here

As you placed your first row of 14 sc into these foundation chain, you'll be stitching the border through the remaining loops.  As this sounds a great deal more complicated than it really is, here's a pic to give you the idea

... make sense? You're just stitching into the bottom loops of the foundation chain...

continue to do 1 sc in the bottom of each foundation ch, like this

... now sc in the end of each row (like you did for the other end)

... make 3sc in the corner space here

... sc in each st across like this

... sl st into the first sc of the border, fasten off and here is your completed rectangle!  

The metallic yarn doesn't allow quite the same stretch as the regular yarn so it's difficult to get it to sit flat for a photo (you may wish to block your rectangle prior to turning it into a bow).

Now take your metallic yarn and wrap it around the centre of your rectangle until it looks... bow-like.  Thread your metallic yarn through a needle and sew the end in the back of the bow to secure and conceal.  Weave in the rest of the yarn ends and...

ta-DAH!  You have a sparkly bow!

Now grab a hot glue gun and attach your bow to a hair clip or a brooch back or you can even turn it into a necklace by attaching a chain (crochet chain, of course!) to the top corners.  You could also enlarge the whole process (maybe 45 chain and 15 rows) to make a 'statement' bow for your hair or to top your wrapped gifts.  You may even convince your man-friends that it's a festive bow tie!

I hope you've enjoyed this festive cute tute :D  Happy Crafting! x