Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new years aspirations

Ah, aspirations.  
It's such a lovely word, don't you think?  All light and fresh, airy and filled with optimism!(Minus the obligation of the word resolutions, too)
And so, I feel, writing out some aspirations is a positively inspiring way to welcome in the new year!
So here it is... in writing... my list of New Years Aspirations...

1. I aspire to be the bestest, loveliest, strongest mother that I can be.  
Being a mum can be tough but it is so worth every tear, tantrum, crazy day and sleepless night - and I owe my children every possible happiness.  
Read: less yelling and cursing/more patience and hugging.

2. I aspire to devote more time crafting.  
True!  Too much of my time is spent Pinterest-ing.  This time (although so much a fun and so inspiring) could be devoted to Grade A, productive crafting!  
But I do love Pinterest...  
Maybe I'll aspire to allocate half of Pinterest-time to genuine, indisputable crafting.  That sounds fair... right?

3.  I aspire to confront my chocolate addiction.  
Addiction acknowledged.
Enough said.

4.  I aspire to help my family to live more frugally.  Ethically.  Gratefully.
This quaint little sentence sums it up nicely:
'Use it up, 
wear it out, 
make it do 
or do without'.

5.  I aspire to start on Christmas earlier.  See here.

Five aspirations should be enough to keep me on my toes :)

I hope you all have a fantastically happy and safe 2014 and enjoy reflecting on all the good stuff that happened in 2013.  Take care, Crafters! x

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