Wednesday, December 19, 2012

cute tute: crochet tiara

Hello everyone!  It's been a long time between posts of late as we've been so busy with the new website and prepping for Christmas... oh Christmas!  It's only 6 sleeps to go, yippee!  So just in case you have a little girl or two for whom you're still trying to find the perfect present, here's a quick gift you can make in just an hour or so.  As I'm writing this up super quick, there is only one pic but hopefully the pattern is written clearly enough!  If I have forgotten anything, let me know x

You'll need:
solid headband of any thickness (the ones I use are about 8mm thick)
yarn (preferably no thicker than 8 ply)
crochet hook to suit ply of yarn
gems & hot glue gun

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
tr - treble
sl st - slip stitch
picot - ch3 then sl st into first chain to create a little point
sk - skip stitches
sts - stitches
*uses US crochet terms

R1: single crochet around the headband until it is completely covered (around 90 sts in 8 ply with a 4mm hook) then tie off and cut yarn.  To learn how to crochet onto the headband, check out this link which shows how to crochet into a ring but the idea is the same :) 

R2: You need 24sts in the middle of  the headband in which to create the peaks and you want an equal amount of sts either side of these 24 to make the tiara look even... so if you have made 90 sts, count in 33 sts from one end.  Now attach yarn to stitch number 34, *ch3, sk2, sl st into next sc* (repeat from * to *twice), ch5, sk4, sl st into next sc, *ch3, sk2, sl st into next sc* (repeat from * to * twice).  You should now have 7 'chain spaces' on your headband.  These form the foundation for the peaks of the tiara.

R3: Turn your work and you are now working into the 'chain spaces'.  2dc, 1picot, 2dc, sl st into first 3ch space (repeat from * to * for the next two 3ch spaces).  Into the 5ch space, 2dc, 1tr, 1picot, 1tr, 2dc, sl st.  Into the next 3ch space, *2dc, 1picot, 2dc, sl st* (repeat from * to * for the next two 3ch spaces), tie off and thread in ends.

Now you should have a pretty little tiara all ready to be blinged up!  Grab a hot glue gun (or Gem Bond or super glue) and stick on some sparkly gems.  I like to put a big one in the centre peak and a smaller gem either side.  
If you want extra sparkle, you could crochet a metallic thread with your yarn or add extra gems.
I hope your little Princess enjoys her new tiara!  I'd love to see pics of any tiaras you make :D  Have a Merry Christmas everyone xxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a clever idea! And it really is cute. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  2. My little princess will be thrilled! Thank you for sharing this cute pattern with us.

  3. Ohh, these are so sweet!

  4. So adorable! Thank you so much for the pattern!

  5. This looks so lovely and sweet! Thanks for sharing!:)

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    1. Thank you so much Tamara! I have encouraged a friend or two to make your Mini Moogly too! You can check out mine on Ravelry here

  7. What a great idea! I would have never thought of using a headband; thanks for the pattern.

  8. I love this pattern. I have made 6 so far and have request for more!